Welcome to the Museum
of Imaginary friends!

This museum was born from our wish to collect the countless forms these special friends can take.

Have you ever wondered if, in the entire world, an imaginary friend exactly like another has ever existed?
The Creative Heart of children says it hasn’t.

Each imaginary friend is a unique, one-off being, as is every child.

Bimba Landmann

Author and Illustrator

Her books have been published in more than twenty languages, her drawings have been exhibited in many prestigious galleries worldwide.


Your imaginary friend

Take part in the Museum too to see your imaginary friend appear on the pages of our site!


Map of the Museum

Find out how the Museum of Imaginary Friends is made, click on the elements of the interactive map to explore


The book

Imaginary friends are an expression of creativity, a training ground for socialization skills and a stimulus for growth