Description of the imaginary friend


Cristina Muntoni (50 years old)

Furia is a horse that I used to see when I was a child.

It was my imaginary friend, even if it seemed to me to see it in real life. When my mother found out that I used to see a horse that didn’t really exist, she obliged me to delate it from my mind and to stop speaking about my imaginary friend forever. Today, April 5th, 2023, at the school of art therapy in the city of Assisi, I reshaped and give birth to it again, by creating a small magic corner to celebrate my relationship with my interior and fantastic world which was interrupted all in a sudden.

I created a curtain that represents a sort of dark veil that obliged me to cover my world and that I symbolically decided to open to make the light enter. As a child, the idea of deleting it was like a very painful scar. They made me feel wrong, and give it birth again and give it back the right to exist in the world through the custody in this museum is a very powerful act for me, but also an important message for everybody: let’s listen to children because they have a fantastic world to be listened to, which is precious. Let’s save brights of magic!